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The 98½ Nicomekl Scout Group began as the Nicomekl Area Youth Forum in 2010. Over the next few years, the Forum members began organizing various events for the younger sections within the Area. In 2012 the Forum became a chartered group of Scouts Canada, officially recognized as the 98 Nicomekl Scout Group.

What's with the ½?

We get that a lot. Each group of Scouts Canada is identified with a number and a word depicting the region. If you add all of the group numbers in Nicomekl Area together, you get a total of 97. Add one to make 98 (so we're warm-bodied humans). Now for the ½. 98 Nicomekl has formed a strong partnership with the Fraser Skies Guiding Area, including them in our various events and activities, and inviting Rangers and Link members to sit on the Group Committee. To acknowledge our Guiding counterparts we added the ½ to our group name to symbolize our partnership between the two programs.

98½ Nicomekl is a service based group. That means that most of our members belong to a "home group", where they conduct their day-to-day Scouting business. 98½ and it's members organize and run events and activities directed towards our younger counterparts in both Scouting and Guiding.

In addition to running events for the younger sections, 98½ also organizes activities for the older sections as a thank you for their time as volunteers.

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